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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Djinn (American translation is "Genie", which was derived from "genius"(I really dont understand that either) are Arabic/Middle Eastern Fae that classically live in lamps and give out 3 wishes. They dont usually give out any wishes at all, if they can help it, cause- being fae (they are portrayed in Qur'an as one of the three sentient beings that Allah created- greater than Men, and lesser than Angels, in other words- Faeries, or the Arabic interpretation of them) The Djinn (also Jinn, Ginn, Jinni (plural), Ginni, (also plural), and Djinni (if you cant guess what goes here, seek help immediately) come in four main groups- The Marid , The Ifrit, The Gul, (incedentally, are ghouls, or precursors to them, but are like ghoul-djinn, like werewolves and werepanthers) and The Saytan. (Yes, like Satan) The Marid being the most powerful, the Ifrit after them, ect. Afore mentioned wish-making is really hard. it usually involves much gambling, bantering, negotiating, fighting, trickery, imprisonment and death. Djinn arent really friendly. Also, the Lamp Thing? Total Bullshit- its like going up to some random guy in the street in Chicago's south side (Chicago has a yearly average of 100,000 deaths, and on one weekend 32 were shot, 4 stabbed, and 6 mugged.) and telling him to get the hell into your Oil Lamp. Then give this guy badass magical powers and give him a bad attitude. It aint happening.