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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vampires 2

Yeah, Vampires, beautiful, sparkly, and don't want to suck your blood, right? Wrong. in fact, pretty much everything in twilight is utter bullshit. DRACULA is more accurate than twilight. and thats totally ridiculous!!! okay, so brief crash course on the undead- 1. NOT sparkly, in fact, sunlight will probably kill most vampires, unless, some accounts say that an old blood, (100+ years of vampirism) master vampire (old bloods faster and stronger than other vampires, who have enough control and power to make other vampires) can stand weak sunlight, like in London, or PEI (Prince Edward Islands in Canada are the cloudiest places on Earth) 2. NOT beautiful because of Vampirism. You see, when vampires turn somebody, they want the strong ones, the ones which will help them and their coven (Coven, House, Clan, Court, all words for a group of Vampires living/working together). 3. Vampires dont drink animal blood. Imagine eating raw worms every day. thats probably what it would be like for vampires to drink from animals. they dont drink from other vampires either, its like cannibalism- a social faux pas. and kinda disgusting, too. 




Cait Sidhe

Cait Sidhe (Cathe Shee) are cat faeries from Scotland, and, in cat form often appear black, which is where the "all witches have black cats" rumor started. The Cait Sidhe have two distinct forms, human, and cat and in scottish Lore were believed to be transformed witches, probably because people saw them glamour things in human form, and then turn into wildcats. Many Cait Sidhe retain catlike tendencies, usually nothing major, just eyes with cat's pupils, but sometimes, they retain more noticeable features, such as tails, or ears. if you ever meet one of these Cait Sidhe, i'd recommend not mentioning the tail/ears as it might be a touchy subject. Also, they may drive you insane, kill you, and eat all your food, not necessarily in that order. Or like that at all. It may be worse if they take a liking to you, though. Cait Sidhe don't really do anything, don't drown people, kill them gruesomely, or really anything for the courts, as is the nature of cats, I guess. Not that i don't like cats, in fact i love them. I'm rambling. Yeah, i should probably shut up now, because once i start- oh, crap, im doing it again. i do this someti-                               

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Djinn (American translation is "Genie", which was derived from "genius"(I really dont understand that either) are Arabic/Middle Eastern Fae that classically live in lamps and give out 3 wishes. They dont usually give out any wishes at all, if they can help it, cause- being fae (they are portrayed in Qur'an as one of the three sentient beings that Allah created- greater than Men, and lesser than Angels, in other words- Faeries, or the Arabic interpretation of them) The Djinn (also Jinn, Ginn, Jinni (plural), Ginni, (also plural), and Djinni (if you cant guess what goes here, seek help immediately) come in four main groups- The Marid , The Ifrit, The Gul, (incedentally, are ghouls, or precursors to them, but are like ghoul-djinn, like werewolves and werepanthers) and The Saytan. (Yes, like Satan) The Marid being the most powerful, the Ifrit after them, ect. Afore mentioned wish-making is really hard. it usually involves much gambling, bantering, negotiating, fighting, trickery, imprisonment and death. Djinn arent really friendly. Also, the Lamp Thing? Total Bullshit- its like going up to some random guy in the street in Chicago's south side (Chicago has a yearly average of 100,000 deaths, and on one weekend 32 were shot, 4 stabbed, and 6 mugged.) and telling him to get the hell into your Oil Lamp. Then give this guy badass magical powers and give him a bad attitude. It aint happening.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden, a 19th century housewife with a husband (Andrew), and a child (Abby). one day, driven insane by a controversial decision that her father had made, Lizzie was said to have gone insane, tearing around the hose with a hatchet, cleaving Andrew Borden's head so precisely that she split his eyeball in half, and completely crushing poor Abby's skull in. Lizzie often made weekend trips into town to stay with her friends, and newly made lycanthrope often have severe mood swings before and after their first change. So, what do you think- perfectly normal and completely sane on all accounts housewife who just happened to have 5 minutes of insanity before spontaneously going back to sanity, and never again being even the slightest bit insane, or, freaked out werewolf going through her first change?                    

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I assume that you all know what lycanthropy is, and all though you may think its a myth, there is a scientifically recognized disease called Hypertrichosis which shares many of the characteristics of lycanthropy, such as- hair covering the body, and the fact that some are made Hypertrichrotic. People with Hypertrichrosis were often sideshow freaks and advertised as having "human and animal characteristics."

(For those of you who do not know, Lycanthropy is the state of being a Werewolf, or believing that ones self is a Werewolf, other people, such as Cherokee "Skin Walkers" and Werecreatures (Bears, Lions, Foxes, ect.) are classed under the term "Therianthropes") 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beautiful Cigar Girl

Mary Rogers, or The Beautiful Cigar Girl was a clerk in an 1837 tobacco shop, when her sudden untimely death came about. She was found in the Hudson River, dead by drowning, after she went off to visit some relatives. Her murder was passed off as a failed abortion attempt. But i think A Kelpie* lurked in the Hudson, and still does today. what do you think? Kelpie, or failed abortion?  

*a kelpie is a horse the lives in water. it is very persuasive, can change shape, and likes watching people drown, giving them the death and release that is can never achieve itself. it is classified under Fae