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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cait Sidhe

Cait Sidhe (Cathe Shee) are cat faeries from Scotland, and, in cat form often appear black, which is where the "all witches have black cats" rumor started. The Cait Sidhe have two distinct forms, human, and cat and in scottish Lore were believed to be transformed witches, probably because people saw them glamour things in human form, and then turn into wildcats. Many Cait Sidhe retain catlike tendencies, usually nothing major, just eyes with cat's pupils, but sometimes, they retain more noticeable features, such as tails, or ears. if you ever meet one of these Cait Sidhe, i'd recommend not mentioning the tail/ears as it might be a touchy subject. Also, they may drive you insane, kill you, and eat all your food, not necessarily in that order. Or like that at all. It may be worse if they take a liking to you, though. Cait Sidhe don't really do anything, don't drown people, kill them gruesomely, or really anything for the courts, as is the nature of cats, I guess. Not that i don't like cats, in fact i love them. I'm rambling. Yeah, i should probably shut up now, because once i start- oh, crap, im doing it again. i do this someti-                               

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