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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vampires 2

Yeah, Vampires, beautiful, sparkly, and don't want to suck your blood, right? Wrong. in fact, pretty much everything in twilight is utter bullshit. DRACULA is more accurate than twilight. and thats totally ridiculous!!! okay, so brief crash course on the undead- 1. NOT sparkly, in fact, sunlight will probably kill most vampires, unless, some accounts say that an old blood, (100+ years of vampirism) master vampire (old bloods faster and stronger than other vampires, who have enough control and power to make other vampires) can stand weak sunlight, like in London, or PEI (Prince Edward Islands in Canada are the cloudiest places on Earth) 2. NOT beautiful because of Vampirism. You see, when vampires turn somebody, they want the strong ones, the ones which will help them and their coven (Coven, House, Clan, Court, all words for a group of Vampires living/working together). 3. Vampires dont drink animal blood. Imagine eating raw worms every day. thats probably what it would be like for vampires to drink from animals. they dont drink from other vampires either, its like cannibalism- a social faux pas. and kinda disgusting, too. 


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